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International Olympiad on the Russian history

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International Olympiad on the Russian history


Nikolai Gogol Educational Center for studying Russian language and culture in Rome with support from the Russkiy Mir Foundation is inviting pupils of the European schools studying the Russian language and students of up to 20 years of age to take part in the International Olympiad on the Russian History.

The finals of the Olympiad is to take place in Rome from 28 – 30 of September 2018. The terms for participation, information on time and selection rounds are published on the website of the Olympiad.

In order to get registered, it is necessary to go to the website: the reference on any page leads uses to the warning section. After users agree with all the terms, the reference leads them further to a test in Russian. After the test is completed, all the information goes to the e-mail [email protected] 

The test consists of several parts:

  • The first part consists of 23 questions (the 23d question consists of 2 parts, each of them is assessed by one score. The participants get one score for each correct answer. Maximum number of scores is 24.
  • The second part consists of 3 questions where the participants are offered to put events in the chronological order and make correspondence between the names of politicians and facts from their biographies, etc. For each correct answer, participants get 2 scores. Maximum number of the scores is 6.
  • The third part consists of 6 questions, each of them requiring a detailed answer. The first question of the third part consists of 11 sub-questions. For each correct answer to the sub-question, participants get 3 scores. Maximum number of the scores is 48.

Totally, the maximum score for the distant stage of the Olympiad is 78.

The time for completion of all the test assignments is 90 minutes. After that, the participants’ answers are to be sent to the organizers for checking.

July 1 is the final date for accepting applications for participation in the Olympiad. From July 1 until July 10, the expert jury will check tests of the participants and announce pupils who would take part in the on-site Olympiad stage to be held from September 28 to September 30 in Rome.

The information provided by the organizer in Rome is as follows: +39 3929386446, e-mail: [email protected] 


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