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Photo credit: Russian compatriots are invited to join the participants of the conference called "Great Victory in an Era of Change." it is organized by the Union of Russian Societies in Sweden with the assistance of the Moscow House of the... .
Photo credit: The UNESCO International Department will start working in the capital of the Primorsky Territory, RIA Novosti reports. It will open at the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Services. The integration interdisciplinary center of biomedical... .
Photo credit: The Nokhcho State Folklore Ensemble was recognized as the best at the World Folk Vision Festival of Cultures and Art. The famous Chechen song and dance ensemble won the Choreography nomination, TASS reports. This year, the festival was... .
Photo credit: The organizers of the Andrei Stenin competition launched an online vote, IA Sputnik reports. Internet users can choose the best photo from the short list.  Voting will continue until early August. Online voting allows the Internet audience to... .
Photo credit: Russian compatriots in Australia congratulated war veterans living in Melbourne on the Victory Day. Memorial gifts to the participants of the Great Patriotic War were delivered by representatives of the Australian branch of the Night Wolves... .