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Sergey Vinogradov Elisabetta Fabbri. Photo courtesy of Vologda State University “I was astonished by power of the Vologda church, and its spirit,” said the famous Italian architect Elisabetta Fabbri having visited the dilapidated Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit. While spending a few days in Vologda, the Master of Architecture, a member of the Venice Order of Architects and Conservation Professionals, the conservation architect of Teatro alla Scala and other opera houses in Italy, and the recipient of the presidential order supported the restoration of the church and gave valuable...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: Culture

Svetlana Smetanina Ekaterina Burvikova, a teacher of Russian from the USA, came up with an unorthodox method for teaching Russian as a foreign language. She teaches her students through Instagram. Recently, she shared her method with colleagues from other countries at a conference on Russian language, which was held in Pskov. During her interview with the Russkiy Mir, she told how to motivate nowadays students to learn Russian. – Your report at the conference on Russian language in Pskov was "Using Instagram in teaching RFL at the elementary level." Tell us please about the method - how effective is it?...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: RussianLanguage

Sergey Vinogradov Igor Zaretsky, the legend of Russian and world yachting has celebrated birthdays and anniversaries in the open ocean time and again. The yachtsman from Yaroslavl admits that he may celebrate his 70th birthday in the Golden Globe Race, a single-handed round-the-world regatta. A year and a half ago, Zaretsky became the only Russian participant of the famous race, which was followed by the whole world. The tricolor has been flying over the yacht of the native of Yaroslavl in all oceans, except the Arctic one. Igor Zaretsky told the Russkiy Mir about happy moments and challenges of single-handed passages...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: Travel

Svetlana Smetanina 60 years ago, an unusual university was established in the Soviet Union. It was named the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, also known as RUDN University, where students from countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Middle East could go into higher education. Today, 200,000 RUDN University graduates work all over the world. And they all recall their alma mater with gratitude. Vladimir Filippov, the Rector of RUDN, spoke to the Russkiy Mir about history of the unique university. – Ideas of internationality and diversity are at the very heart of RUDN...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: Education

Julia Goryacheva Prominent Russian linguist, the person behind establishment of the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute and its first principle Vitaly Kostomarov recently celebrated his 90th birthday. However he does not quit his scientific researches. The scientist told the Russkiy Mir why Russian continues to be one of the most successful languages in the world and how the Soviet leaders facilitated the fact that we continue to speak the language created by Pushkin and Karamzin two centuries ago. – Vitaly Grigoryevich, you are a well-known linguist who has developed a special scientific field - linguistic and...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: RussianLanguage

Julia Goryacheva Turkan Oldjay, a Chair professor of Russian language and literature at Istanbul University, believes that the most important task in studying Russian language at the present stage is mastering not only the language system, but also history, literature and culture of the Russian people. We talked with the scholar researching Russian-Turkish cultural relations about Russian émigrés in Turkey, translations of Russian literature into Turkish, and how much Russian language and Russian culture are in demand in Turkey today. – Mrs. Oldjay, you are a well-known philologist, researcher and author...

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Subject: Общество


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Photo credit: Russian-speaking residents of New York are ready to provide free housing to compatriots who were not able to fly to Moscow. New Yorkers and residents of other cities and states have responded to the call of the Coordinating Council of Organizations... .
Photo credit: April has become the month of Russian-American history in the state of New York; such a decision was made for the ninth time by the legislative assembly. A number of events will be held online due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the... .
Photo credit: The organizers of the international Great Victory for Peace on Earth contest of children's drawings, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the victory over fascism, received more than 150 works. Among the winners were children from 8 to 16 years old from... .
Photo credit: Russian specialists have disinfected almost two dozen medical institutions in Italy, TASS reports. According to the Ministry of Defense, the Russian military disinfected seventeen boarding houses for elderly people located in various cities of... .
Photo credit: big tour.rf The Theater Day action gathered an almost two million audience this year, according to the website of the Ministry of Culture. The action was held online due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Shows and broadcasts took place on the action’s... .