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Russia collects aid for victims of the conflict in the Middle East

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Russia collects aid for victims of the conflict in the Middle East


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Russia has started collecting funds for those affected by the escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The humanitarian aid goes, in particular, to medical organizations in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

St. Petersburg raised nearly three million rubles (about $30,690) in a day for Israeli medics, RIA Novosti reports. The funds to be transferred to the national medical service of Israel, which provides emergency aid and engaged in disaster medicine.

The charity event was announced by the Zakat fund of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims (DUM) of the Russian Federation, TASS reports. The organizers appealed to believers to help the Palestinian wounded. With over two and a half thousand wounded, including children, there's a critical shortage of medicines, medical supplies, and fuel for hospitals. The goal is to raise at least ten million rubles (about $102,300) at least to address the urgent needs.

As Russky Mir reported earlier the charity fund Zakat transferred to Turkey and Syria, affected by the earthquake, more than five tons of basic necessities.

Let’s recall, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict sharply escalated on October 7, when the Palestinian movement Hamas attacked Israeli territory. Israel Defense Forces announced the beginning of the operation "Iron Swords" against Hamas. The President of Israel declared that the country was at war, reservists are being mobilized.

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