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Volunteers from Israel delivered humanitarian aid to Donbass

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Volunteers from Israel delivered humanitarian aid to Donbass


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Israeli volunteers summed up the results of the work of the humanitarian mission in the Donbass, the telegram channel of the Rossotrudnichestvo representative office reports.

Humanitarian aid for those in need was delivered by active members of the Popular Front and the Israeli anti-fascist movement. Caring residents of Israel helped them to collect the cargo.

The doctors of the Israeli volunteer team helped the elderly, the wounded, and provided psychological support. Young residents of the Zaporozhye region were invited to holidays and sports competitions. The sacred symbols of Judaism, Christianity and Islam were given to the fighters of the Pyatnashka multinational brigade.

Representatives of the Russian House and the Embassy of the Russian Federation presented certificates of honor to the management of the Israeli Anti-Fascist Movement. They were noted for their contribution to the preservation of the historical truth about the Great Patriotic War, active participation in events dedicated to the Great Victory, as well as for organizing assistance to the residents of Donbass and for sending the first foreign group of doctors and specialists to the special military operation zone.

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