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Russian cities exchanged health wishes with twin cities from Japan and US

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Russian cities exchanged health wishes with twin cities from Japan and US


Photo credit: press service of the administration of the Krasnodar Territory

Russian cities have received video health wishes for citizens and the quickest end of the coronavirus pandemic from residents of the twin cities of Japan and the United States. Veliky Novgorod and Rochester (US) exchanged videos. Novosibirsk is preparing a response to a greeting from Sapporo (Japan), Tsargrad TV channel reports. 

This year, Russian and American cities celebrate 30 years of twinning. Representatives of the two cities were preparing to celebrate the round date in May in Veliky Novgorod, but the visit had to be canceled due to the situation with coronavirus.

Residents of Rochester sent Novgorodians a video in Russian and English, which contains health wishes and hope for an early meeting. In the response video, also recorded in two languages, the Russians showed photos from past meetings and performed a piece of music written by the Americans specifically for Veliky Novgorod.
Sapporo residents sent greetings to Novosibirsk friends. The participants in the video showed leaflets containing an inscription in Russian: “Don’t be sad Novosibirsk! The virus will pass! We’ll hug each other soon! ”

The Japanese video, posted by the head of the Department of Culture, Sports and Youth Policy of Novosibirsk Anna Tereshkova on Facebook, gathered a lot of views and likes. Novosibirsk proposed to record a response video.

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