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Russia-Africa Summit Results summed up in Sochi

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Russia-Africa Summit Results summed up in Sochi


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The Russia-Africa Summit marked the beginning of a new stage in relations between Russia and the states of the African continent, Russian president Vladimir Putin believes, TASS reports. According to him, the final declaration of the summit presents goals and objectives aimed at strengthening cooperation in all areas: political, economic, scientific, technical, educational and cultural.

In addition, a memorandum of understanding and the foundations of relations and cooperation were concluded between the Government of Russia and the African Union. The memorandum of understanding was also signed by the Eurasian Economic Commission and the African Union Commission.

The Russian leader said that it was a business summit but at the same time, a friendly and even heartful atmosphere reigned at the meeting.

More than six thousand people gathered in Sochi, representing 104 countries from around the world. Russkiy Mir reported that representatives of fifty-four countries from the African continent were invited, 43 states were represented at the highest level. More than 120 foreign ministers attended.

Russia presented its guests about three hundred offers in various fields. The participants signed more than fifty agreements worth more than 800 billion rubles. More than 35 official events took place at the summit, the number of meetings exceeded one and a half thousand.

Experts are convinced that the forum can be called a significant event in the history of relations between Russia and the African continent. The meeting aroused wide interest from African partners. Vladimir Putin previously called the Russia-Africa Summit an unprecedented event. It was the first summit, which brought together the leaders of different countries of the African continent and the heads of large associations of the region.

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