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First outcome of Russia-Africa summit: leaders' meetings and cooperation agreements

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First outcome of Russia-Africa summit: leaders' meetings and cooperation agreements


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The development of interaction between Russia and African countries has excellent prospects, Russian President Vladimir Putin is sure. He recalled that in recent years, trade doubled and exceeded twenty billion dollars, the Kremlin website reported. The head of state has no doubt that it can double as much. He also said that Moscow intended to expand its network of trade missions in Africa. In addition, the country is participating in an initiative to ease the debt burden of African countries: Russia has written off more than twenty billion dollars.

The co-chair of the summit, president of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi believes that the results of the forum will be another incentive to develop the potential of the countries of the continent. The forum in Sochi has become an important platform where there is interaction in the field of investment and trade development with Russia.

During the forum, the Russian leader held a series of meetings with his colleagues, including presidents of Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Namibia and some others. It was previously noted that it was impossible to conduct individual discussions with all 43 leaders of countries of the continent that arrived in Sochi. 

The first day of the forum brought tangible practical results. Russia and Ethiopia signed an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the peaceful uses of atomic energy. The country would like to launch two units of nuclear power plants in the next decade. Cooperation is developing in nuclear energy with both Namibia and other countries.

Russia and African countries see great prospects for cooperation in diamond mining. The Alrosa company intends to develop cooperation in this area with Zimbabwe and Angola.

In the near future, Yandex.Taxi plans to introduce technologies for improving transportation safety, including speed monitoring in African countries where the aggregator is present.

There are plans for joint construction and modernization of railways. Cooperation is also actively developing in the military- and technical sector.

On Thursday, October 24, the presidents of Russia and Egypt will speak at the plenary session of the Russia-Africa summit and will take part in a working breakfast. Based on the results of the work, it is planned to adopt a declaration in which the provisions on the development of Russian-African cooperation will be reflected. Vladimir Putin will hold several more meetings with foreign leaders.

Russkiy Mir reported that representatives of fifty-four countries from the African continent were invited to Sochi, 43 states were represented at the highest level.

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