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St. Petersburg hosts 2nd Russia-Africa summit

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St. Petersburg hosts 2nd Russia-Africa summit


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Representatives of most African countries gathered on Thursday, July, 27, in St. Petersburg. The work of the Russia-Africa summit starts there, RIA Novosti reports.

Of the 54 African countries, 59 have confirmed their participation in the summit. More than half are presented at a high level. 17 heads of state, five vice presidents, four prime ministers, one speaker of parliament came to Russia. From 17 other countries, vice-premiers and foreign ministers arrived in Russia. Five countries are represented at the ambassadorial level. The leaders of major regional organizations of the continent also arrived, including the African Union, the East African Community, the Intergovernmental Development Organization, the Economic Community of Central African States and others.

The adoption of a general political declaration and a joint action plan until 2026 are planned within the forum. They will create a reliable basis for work aimed at shaping a new configuration of international relations. It will be based on equality and a multipolar world, there will be no place for "unilateral diktat". 

Also, the Russian authorities and African colleagues will adopt three sectoral documents. They will affect the fight against terrorism, the refusal to place weapons in outer space and international information security.

At the summit in St. Petersburg, Russia will offer African countries solutions to food problems amid the termination of the grain deal. The Ukrainian conflict will also be discussed at the summit.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, July 28, will make a big statement, take part in a working lunch for a group of leaders of African states on Ukrainian issues. He also plans to meet separately with each head of state who came to the forum.

The business program covers all areas of interaction between Russia and the states of the continent. It consists of four blocks dedicated to the economy, security and sovereign development, science and technology, humanitarian and social spheres.

A media forum, a congress of university rectors, a round table discussion with the participation of the supreme audit institutions of Russia and African states are planned within the forum.

The Petersburg Seasons festival was included in the cultural program. Museums, a ballet festival and a film festival are waiting for the summit participants. African dishes can be tasted in more than 20 city restaurants.

The sports program includes a race, a friendship football match among the diplomats of the Russian Federation and Africa, as well as a gala football match.

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