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International Congress of Council on Children's Books to be held in Moscow in 2020

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International Congress of Council on Children's Books to be held in Moscow in 2020


Photo: Russian state children library 

Moscow has been announced as the host of the next congress of the Council on Children's Book at the Bologna Fair of Children's Literature, the website of the Year of Literature reports.

According to the jury member of the Andersen International Prize poet Denis Beznosov, Russia joined the International Council on Children's Book in the late sixties of the last century at the initiative of famous authors of children's books Agniya Barto and Sergei Mikhalkov.

The poet recalled that since then the issue of holding a congress in Moscow had been raised several times. Finally, the decision has been made.

The congress will be held in Moscow from September 5 to 7, 2020.

Member of the International Council on Children's Books and the Head the Growing a Reader association Angela Lebedeva  is confident that the right to host the congress is a great honor, but it imposes great responsibility.

The central theme of the upcoming congress will be The Big World through the lens of children's books.

Denis Beznosov also introduced the congress website. He noted that participants wouldbe able to register from the beginning of autumn.

In addition, a specialized children's book fair, organized in partnership with the Bologna Book Fair, will be held in Moscow for the first time in two years. Russia in 2022 will be the guest of honor in Bologna.

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