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Russian universities admit foreigners within governmental program

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Russian universities admit foreigners within governmental program


Foreign citizens and compatriots living abroad can apply to Russian universities. Acceptance of documents within the government grant has begun on November 8, Russia.Study website reports.

Almost half a thousand Russian universities participate in the educational program. There are the most popular universities among students from abroad. Including the Ural and Southern Federal Universities, ITMO, Saint Petersburg State University, the Higher School of Economics etc.

School graduates can apply for any training program. In addition, the program will suit those who has a high school diploma but are going to get a master degree or have postgraduate study. Additional education is also offered including courses for Russian language teachers.

To become a candidate for a scholarship, an applicant should register at Russia.Study, chose professional area and university (up to six ones).

There is a two-round-competition for the scholarship. The first is held in the country of residence on site, its format varies from country to country. At the second stage successful candidates are sent to Russian universities.

Annually 15000 grants are allocated for foreign students. The program provides a place in the dormitory, a scholarship and an opportunity to learn Russian.

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