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Moscow universities to admit more students from Cuba

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Moscow universities to admit more students from Cuba


Moscow and Havana are implementing several important projects in the spheres of science and education, TASS reports. The Russian-Cuban working group discussed it during the meeting on September 25 in Cuba's capital.

According to Deputy Minister of Education and Science Grigory Trubnikov, Russia annually allocates one hundred places in domestic universities for Cuban entrants. The quota on free study in Russia is rather competitive, a high-ranking official explains.

Cubans are interested in a variety of specialties in the country and the popularity of Russian education is constantly growing among the Cubans. Therefore, there is a great potential for increasing the number of Cuban students in Russian universities. The representatives of Cuba also discussed the synchronization of curriculum and education standards.

The creation of a Russian-Cuban observatory is underway. It will open in two years near Havana after the installation of an optical and radio telescopes there. Russia will assist to create a scientific center for climate testing in Cuba. Different materials will be examined in conditions of heat and high humidity.

Medicine and agriculture are the other prospective areas for scientific and technical cooperation between Russia and Cuba. In addition, Russian scientists will participate in a paleontological expedition held in Cuba.

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