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Russian filmmakers to produce movies about Sakharov, Michelangelo, Donbass and Crimea

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Russian filmmakers to produce movies about Sakharov, Michelangelo, Donbass and Crimea


Russian film directors claimed their projects for the contest to gain support from the state budget during the session of expert council on fiction, independent and experimental cinema, TASS reports.

In particular, Yuriy Kara is going to shoot a movie about an academician, defender of human rights, one of the inventors of the hydrogen bomb Andrei Sakharov. The movie budget is around 1,6 million US dollars. He asks for the half of this sum.

Evgeny Sokurov shot a movie about recent events in Donbass. The main character of the film is a military reporter played by Aleksei Guskov.

2 million dollars are required for a new film The Oath by Vladimir Kott. Its premiere is scheduled by the 5th anniversary of Crimea’s unification with Russia.

Andrey Konchalovskiy is going to produce The Sin feature in the nearest future. This central figure is an Italian Sculptor Michelangelo. All in all, almost 13 million US dollars is needed for the film production. The film director is asking for 1 million US dollars from the Russian Ministry of Culture.

Fruits of Wisdom by Igor Ugolnikov will be devoted to the topic of World War II in the Pushkin places. Famous Russian actor Sergei Bezrukov will play the main part.

A new movie by Ivan Tverdovsky titled Drops is to be released next spring. The plot of the film is based on relationships between a mother and her son. Yuriy Bykov presented the project of his new movie called The Guard. It is to be released by the end of next year.

A family film Above the Sky will be produced by Oksana Karas, who has recently directed The Good Boy. It contains elements of a drama and a detective story. Alexei Krasovsky will shoot a comedy Elephant with a children’s writer in the key role.

Totally, 111 applications were registered. More than 70 movies were selected for the contest.

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