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International festival in Crimea welcomes 100 writers

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International festival in Crimea welcomes 100 writers


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Writers and poets from Russia, France, Italy, Israel, Ukraine and other countries have gathered at the 5th Intelligent Season International Literature and musical festival in Saki city, Crimea, Rossiiskaya Gazeta reports.

Literature magazines from Moscow, Kaliningrad, Prague and other cities provided informational support to the festival. Writers, playwrights and poets who write in Russian, Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar languages took part in it. Organisers said that the festival aims to strengthen connections between creative people from different countries, as well as to support young talents. 

Italian professor, president of the Parnas - Angelo la Vecchia Award international contest Collagero la Vecchia has stated that he is enthralled by Crimea and will advise to all his friends and relatives to visit the peninsula. The professor is sure that Crimea deserves to be one of the best touristic destinations in the world. 

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