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Senators and Parliament members commented White House’s statement about “returning” Crimea

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Senators and Parliament members commented White House’s statement about “returning” Crimea


Photo: Presidential Administration of Russia

The statement made by new US president administration that Russia should return Crimea, might be a consequence of White House intention to decrease discontent about so-called “Pro–Russian” position of Donald Trump, believes the head of Council Committee on National Defense and Security Viktor Ozerov. The politician considers that the recent situation around the new White House leader is the primary cause of these words, according to RIA Novosti.

The day before, Donald Trump’s representative stated that US president expressed his hope for Russia’s participation in the Ukrainian conflict resolution and that it would “return Crimea”.

Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov offered an opinion that Trump does not have his own position about Ukraine yet, and all documents are processed by the US State Department so far. He reminded that returning Crimea would mean ignoring will and views of 2 million people living in Crimea. “This is impossible”, the Russian politician assured. He added that Trump would change his opinion on the Ukrainian conflict in some time and personal meeting of Russian and American leaders will contribute to it a lot.

Another member of the Upper Chamber of Russian Parliament Oleg Morozov considers that demanding Russia unacceptable terms’ execution is a mistake of the White House. He is sure that renunciation of Russian sovereignty over Crimea cannot be treated seriously. Moreover, the member of the Federation Council proposes to slow down and wait until Trump formulates his position more clearly. To do so, countries should stay in a closer touch and discuss every single issue in detail.

The head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky explained that this statement proves inflated expectations of the American President. However, the deputy is assured that there is still a good chance left for Russian–American relations’ reloading.

The head of State Duma on CIS countries Leonid Kalashnikov sees a connection between the White House statement about returning Crimea and the pressure put upon US President Donald Trump. Of course, it contradicts his promises, but words of the American leader do not always meet his actions.

Parliamentarian Alexey Chepa commented that each side could have its own opinion, but Russia would always stick to its state interests.

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