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The Best Russian School Abroad award goes to two schools from Germany

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The Best Russian School Abroad award goes to two schools from Germany


Photo: press service of the Russian Ministry of Education / (CC BY 4.0)

The first round of the finals for the Best Russian School Abroad contest has concluded, Telegram channel of the Center for International Cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Science reported. The outstanding schools and teachers in the World category have been revealed.

Two educational institutions from Germany, the school at the Russian Embassy in Berlin and the school at the Russian Consulate in Bonn jointly secured the prestigious title of "The Best Russian School Abroad."

Second position went to schools associated with the Russian Embassy in France and Angola.

Completing the top three were the Hoang Van Thu School for Gifted Students in Hoa Binh, Vietnam, and the school affiliated with the Russian Embassy in Myanmar.

Yulia Yesikova from Denmark was honored as the best international teacher. Angelina Yurieva from Vietnam and Tatiana Galaktionova from Serbia claimed the second spot, while the third position was shared by Elena Bessudnova from Serbia and Natalia Maksimenko from Kazakhstan.

Special prizes were awarded to nine more schools and seven teachers in recognition of their outstanding contributions. The final selection of winners will take place at six venues in countries with the highest number of contestant applications—namely, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Mongolia, and Turkey.

The award ceremony will take place at the Russia exhibition-forum, followed by an invitation to the educational forum in Pyatigorsk at the Mashuk Knowledge Center. The competition, involving 54 countries, aims to recognize and support teachers and schools in promoting innovative Russian education methods.

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