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Hermitage Days to be held in Serbia

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Hermitage Days to be held in Serbia


Photo credit: Alex 'Florstein' Fedorov / (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The Hermitage Days will take place in Serbia in autumn, the Balkanist telegram channel reports. Two exhibitions are planned. One of them is the ''Invisible Art. Expanding the Boundaries of the Possible'' inclusive project, which will allow the visitors to touch copies of the Hermitage’s most famous exhibits. The Royal Porcelain exhibition will present the palace services of Russian rulers.

Also in Belgrade, the Yakobson Ballet Theater will perform, and a concert by Vasily Gerello will be held. The famous opera singer will take the stage with the orchestra conducted by Fabio Mastrangelo.

These are far from all the events planned within the framework of the festival. It will give the start to the Russian-Serbian program of the Hermitage museum. There will also be a series of film screenings and educational lectures. Hermitage Director Mikhail Piotrovsky will be a lecturer. Specialists from Serbian museums will be invited to master classes, and a conference will be organized for archaeologists and their Russian colleagues.

Projects aimed at preserving the cultural and historical heritage will become the main theme of the Hermitage's work in Serbia. They will be implemented with the assistance of Gazpromneft.

The partnership program in the cultural, scientific and educational fields will operate for five years. It will unite the Hermitage Days in Belgrade, the organization of exhibition projects and scientific and practical conferences. Gazpromneft will also support the archaeological excavations. The traditional expedition takes place in the autonomous region of Vojvodina every year. The Hermitage has been participating in it for the past few years.

Another important area of cooperation is the restoration work. Specialists of the largest Russian museum help to process and preserve the finds made during the excavations. In the future, the Hermitage plans to organize a large museum presentation in Belgrade.

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