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Bolshoi Theater opens season with international project

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Bolshoi Theater opens season with international project


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Four one-act ballets, staged with Russian dancers by foreign choreographers during the pandemic, will open the new ballet season of the Bolshoi Theater. Shows of the performances will take place from September 10 to 13, TASS reports.

The international ballet project will open the 245th season of the Bolshoi Theater. The theater called the premiere unscheduled. Viewers will see the performances created during the quarantine by young choreographers from abroad. The leading dancers of the Bolshoi Theater were involved in the performances.

The initiative to create a cycle of one-act ballets belongs to the head of the Bolshoi Ballet, Makhar Vaziev. According to him, in the spring he came up with projects to occupy and "engage the dancers" who were bored without work.

The Bolshoi Theater invited Brian Aries from Puerto Rico, Italian Simone Valastro, Dimo ​​Milev from Sofia and Frenchman Martin Chaix to stage the performances.

Brian Aries called the Bolshoi Theater the best in the world and said that work on the play prompted him to plunge into Russian culture. For the performance, he chose works by Russian composers, and the production was based on the poems of Fyodor Tyutchev.

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