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Moscow schools lead in quality of education around world

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Moscow schools lead in quality of education around world


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Moscow schoolchildren are leading in the education ranking, according to RIA Novosti. The level of reading, mathematics and science literacy has increased compared to 2016. This is evidenced by the results of the PISA study.

According to the head of the Department of Education and Skills of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Andreas Schleicher, Moscow entered the top ten in all areas. He emphasized that schoolchildren from Moscow demonstrated high competencies and a developed mind.

In terms of reading literacy, young Muscovites improved their results by three positions: from the sixth to the third place. The level of mathematical literacy rose by one point: from the sixth to the fifth place. In terms of natural science literacy, students in Moscow schools doubled their results, moving up to the sixth place. 

The Moscow administration expressed confidence that these figures proved that all changes in the urban education system were positive. The strategy aimed at providing all schools in the city with equal opportunities allowed to achieve such results. This approach, in turn, made it possible to demand a good education from them, regardless of where the school is located. The reform was based on an approach in which the student is the main one in the education system.

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