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Anniversary of Pushkin and Day of Russian language are celebrated in Russia and worldwide

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Anniversary of Pushkin and Day of Russian language are celebrated in Russia and worldwide



The celebration of the 220th anniversary of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin is going to be large scale and will last for 4 days. The list of festive events includes Lyceum award ceremony, concerts, discussions of the poet's works and exhibitions in museums. An open mic will work on Pushkin Square, where the guests of the event will lay the flowers to the monument of the poet, TASS reports. 

The PushkinLeto festival will start at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and will last till autumn. Today, guests of the museum can enjoy a street-art-performance from Moscow artists, theatrical performances and poetry readings as well as several exhibition projects. In honor of the poet’s birthday, the entrance to the museum is free.

Dozens of events of the Pushkin-Fest Music Festival program will be held in the open air of the Hermitage Garden, as well as in the Novaya Opera and Sphere theaters of Moscow.

The central event of the festival will be the premiere of Pushkin – the opera by British musician of Russian origin Konstantin Boyarsky. Pushkin State Russian Language Institute organizes educational lectures for all comers.
The day of the Russian language, which is dedicated to the birthday of the poet, will begin with the Onegin Readings. Russian and foreign students of the Pushkin Institute will read their favorite lines from the novel in verse. There will also be a quiz on the knowledge of Pushkin’s text.
Congratulate Pushkin on his birthday action is included in the program of Pushkin Day for the residents and guests of St. Petersburg.

The museum-apartment of Pushkin on the Moika river, the entrance to which will be free on this day, will invite guests to the Many Faces of Pushkin exhibition. A large program awaits guests at the Lyceum Museum in Tsarskoye Selo State Museum-Preserve.
Celebrations in honor of the birth of Pushkin will be held in more than 80 countries on all continents.

The birthday of the Russia’s most important poet will be celebrated in Ukraine. Lovers of Russian literature will gather on June 6 near the monuments to Pushkin, located in Kiev, Kharkov and other cities, he visited to honor his memory.

I Remember a Wonderful Moment Pushkin Festival will take place in Prague with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation

Covent Garden of London will host Pushkin in Britain poetic festival, his poems will be read in the leading universities of the UK.

The children's language camp Teremok of Knowledge starts in Hanoi, where young Vietnamese will learn more about the Russian language, culture and cinema of Russia. The headquarters of the UN peacekeepers in Jerusalem will also celebrate the Day of the Russian language. In Ethiopia, the celebrations will be held at the first monument to Alexander Pushkin in Africa.
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