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Pushkin Memory Day held in Russia

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Pushkin Memory Day held in Russia


Photo: Alexander Pushkin painting fragment by P. Konchalovsky

Conferences, poetic readings, performances, theater festivals and religious services are going all around Russia marking Februaty, 10, the day of death of Alexander Pushkin, IA Neva News reports.  

Schoolkids, students, Russian language and literature teachers, philologists, and fans of Pushkin's poetry gather today at the Saint Petersburg stele that marks place of the last poet's duel. The Boldino museum-reserve celebrates Pushkin's day with Pushkin. Poems program. A Lity festive religious procession and a minute of silence at 2:45 pm, the time of death to be held next to the Pushkin's memorial. 

Pushkin Theater festival launched in Pskov two days agi. Russian and Romanian theaters show plays based on his works. Pushkin's Art conference in 21 centurywas held at the President Library of Saint Petersburg presenting innovative project connected with preserving and promoting poet's heritage.

Year of 2019 is a special because it marks220the anniversary of Alexander Pushkin's birthday. Many events dedicated to the symbol of Russian literature are going on in Russia and abroad.

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