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Tatyana Zhdanok not allowed to run for Latvian Seimas

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Tatyana Zhdanok not allowed to run for Latvian Seimas



The Latvian Russian Union (LRU) head Tatyana Zhdanok was not allowed to stand for the elections to the Latvian parliament, Sputnik reports.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) decided to take her off the list of parliament candidates. Due to the fact that the politician remained a member of the Communist Party after January 1991.

Earlier the Constitutional Court remarked that cases like this must be examined on an individual basis. So, the Central Election Commission requested extra information from the special services, looked through it and refused to include the LRU leader in the lists of candidates.

Tatyana Zhdanok said about her intension to appeal the CEC decision in court. If it remains in force, she promised to address to the European Court of Human Rights.

As Russkiy Mir reported, this year Tatyana Zhdanok refused to take a seat in the European Parliament to take part in the Latvian elections. This was prompted by the aggravating situation with the Russian-speaking population in the republic. In particular, Tatyana Zhdanok intends to protect the Russian schools decided by the authorities to use Latvian as a language of study.

In May 2018 Latvian security police issued a criminal case against Tatyana Zhdanok suspecting her in holding some illegal actions during the All-Latvian Parents Gathering. It was a protest against the transferring of pre-school and school education into Latvian language.

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