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International Day of Russian Romance has concluded in Moscow

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International Day of Russian Romance has concluded in Moscow


International Day of Russian Romance was marked on January 27, 2018. A gala-concert of finalists of the International contest Romanciada was held in the State Kremlin Palace. The event was especially important this time because it was held under the auspices of UNESCO.

From the stage of Romanciada the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Vyacheslav Nikonov greeted the guests and marked that “Russian romance is the peak of Russian culture. The Russkiy Mir Foundation is proud to be partner of this festival for many years. We are also proud that we have convinced UNESCO that Russian romance and Romanciada are achievements of the world culture as well”. The speaker received great public applause.

It is worth mentioning that two days before a round-table and a press conference with participation of representatives of Charity Foundation Romanciada, Russkiy Mir Foundation, Romanciada organizers and winners of different periods took place in Moscow.

Russkiy Mir Foundation has been supporting International contests of Russian Romance, advancing national culture abroad.

The round table organized by the foundation was held in A.S. Pushkin State Museum. A great number of romances are written on verses by A. S. Pushkin, the executive director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Vladimir Kochin has reminded, so the venue was chosen deliberately. Romance is a genre joining all people interested in Russia, he noted. “There is not any other genre, which would reveal a greater interest to the Russian language than the romance. Romanciada is a social movement based on love to Russian language and culture. Of course, we are glad to see such a consolidated group of people gathered around Galina Preobrazhenskaya,” concluded Vladimir Kochin.

"Russkiy Mir Foundation does a giant work and we get great feedback. The Russkiy Mir Foundation is an organization to make friends with and to rub shoulders with, - Galina Preobrazhnskaya said, in her turn. She is sure that Russian Romance plays an essential role today being the only genre preserving the purity of the Russian language. All the rest, in her opinion, one way or another, allow degradation of speech norms, which would become an instant death for the romance."

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