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Latvian government ratifies Russian schools' transfer to Latvian language

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Latvian government ratifies Russian schools' transfer to Latvian language


pixabay.comLatvian government has ratified transferring all Russian-language schools to teaching in State language, RIA Novosti reports.

The law amendments will come into power at the beginning of the next school year. Before that, Latvian parliamentarians have to support the bill.

It is worth reminding that starting 2020/21 academic year all schools in Latvia are going to be switched to the State language. The initiative issued by the Latvian parliament members and supported by the head of the republic was criticized by Russian-speaking social organizations and parents of children studying in Russian schools who rationalize that the law change will split the society and diminish the education level in the country.

As we reported earlier there were 15,000 signatures on the letter in the favor of keeping Russian schools in the country. The letter was delivered to Latvian parliamentarians. Russian Foreign Ministry actively counteracts the bill. State Duma deputy Konstantin Zatulin called the reform “draconian” because Russian language to be left solely for the everyday communication, if the bill comes to power.

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