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What role did CIA play in Doctor Zhivago's first publication?

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What role did CIA play in Doctor Zhivago's first publication?


Professor P. Mancosi gave lecture on the topic “What role did CIA had played in Doctor Zhivago first publication in Russian?” at the Russian Center in Pisa, Italy.

The lector introduced the audience to the different manuscripts of the novel, that were sent abroad by Boris Pasternak. Such famous publishers as Feltrinelli received that parcel not without a help of CIA and British intelligence services. Both worked on anti-Soviet propaganda and in particular helped to distribute the novel as wide as possible at the time.

Declassified documents from American archives were unveiled to the motivated audience composed of students, professors and journalists.

Let us remember, Doctor Zhivago is a famous novel by Boris Pasternak, first published in 1957 in Italy. It was later staged and put on screen several times. In particular, the namesake film by David Lean (1965) has received 5 Oscars.

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