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Russophile movement to open new branches in Africa

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Russophile movement to open new branches in Africa


Photo credit: International Movement of Russophiles

The study of the Russian language is one of the priorities of Russophilia, said Vladimir Kochin, Executive Director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation, speaking at the Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum, the International Movement Russophiles (IMR) reports.

Vladimir Kochin stressed that knowledge of the Russian language helps to learn information about Russia directly, without intermediaries, and get an education in Russia.

During the forum, IMR Chairman Nikolai Malinov spoke, telling the audience about the goals, objectives and prospects of the association. He called the idea of Russophilism that Russia is the only country that provides an alternative to the unipolar world. The strength of Russia lies in a strong state, traditional values and multipolarity.

The participants of a thematic section declared respect for the centuries-old Russian history, culture, science and language. They noted that to be a Russophile means to be a patriot of one's country, to fight for the interests of one's people. The participants spoke out against globalization and unipolarity, emphasizing that without a benevolent dialogue with Russia, the world becomes inferior and unstable.

Within the framework of the section, a resolution was adopted, which stated that the participants value diversity and protect enduring spiritual and moral values, will resist Russophobia in all its manifestations, and promote the spread of the Russian language, culture and science. In particular, they plan to hold cultural and scientific events, erect monuments to prominent Russians, including a monument to Alexander Pushkin in the Cameroon.

In addition, the resolution speaks of the need for students to receive higher education in Russian universities, strengthen public diplomacy, and open new IMR branches in African countries. Until the end of next year, new centers should appear in at least half of the countries of the continent.

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