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Russian Museum delivered exhibition equipment to Cuba

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Russian Museum delivered exhibition equipment to Cuba


The Russian Museum. The Mikhailovsky Palace. Photo credit: VideoWalks around St. Petersburg /

The Russian Museum has updated its virtual branch in Havana, TASS reports. Equipment needed to expand its capabilities was delivered to Cuba.

Residents of Cuba will see the first digital exhibition called "Pages of the Russian Avant-Garde". For the first time, works from the collection of the Russian Museum will be presented in the country this way. Before the opening of the exhibition, scheduled for July, 14, the new equipment was handed over to the National Museum of Fine Arts. It was supplemented by books on art published by the Russian Museum.

Now Cubans will have access to the collections of the Russian Museum in digital format. The digital media library of the Russian Museum in Havana will be supplemented by printed albums and catalogues. Most of the digital materials have been translated into Spanish so that visitors can get a closer look at the work of Russian artists and how the visual arts developed in Russia. Many materials are intended for a children's audience.

Director of the museum Alla Manilova noted that the museum is very popular in Cuba.

Participants of the 4th regional youth conference of Russian compatriots from the countries of America and Australia, organized by the Russian Foreign Ministry, will be invited to the exhibition on July, 14.

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