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Russia gets requests from other states to help fight coronavirus

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Russia gets requests from other states to help fight coronavirus


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Latin American and African countries are turning to Russia with requests for the supply of mobile hospitals, RIA Novosti reports. According to the Project-Technology Corporation, which creates mobile complexes, the pandemic of the new coronavirus is constantly expanding, covering new territories. Therefore, more and more requests for mobile anti-infectious departments are received.

Modular complexes formed on the basis of unified blocks allow to perform all the functions of a modern medical institution. Their main task is to provide assistance in the infected area. If necessary, complexes can be equipped with additional blocks for specific purposes. 

A standard hospital can take up to 300 people every day. Earlier, the fifteenth plane of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation flew to Italy to organize assistance in the fight against the coronavirus.

Russkiy Mir reported that earlier Russia sent to Italy 15 planes with diagnostics and disinfection equipment, scientists, and doctors. Russia military doctors, virologists and epidemiologists are helping their Italian counterparts to fight the coronavirus infection.

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