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Exhibition dedicated to Russia opens in Papua New Guinea

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Exhibition dedicated to Russia opens in Papua New Guinea


Photo credit: provided Miklouho-Maclay Foundation

An exhibition dedicated to the history and culture of Russia will open in the capital of Papua New Guinea in October as part of an educational project organized by the head of the outstanding Russian traveler Nikolas Miklouho-Maclay Foundation, his great-great-grandson Nikolay Miklukho-Maklay. As part of the project, three Russian cultural centers will open in Papua before the end of 2019, according to the Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti newspaper.

The educational project was launched in both countries. In the capital of Papua, Port Moresby, the international Unity in Diversity conference was held at the end of September. The exhibition and cultural centers will help residents of the country located in Oceania to find out more about the distant northern country. The authors of the project also intend to organize Russian language courses.

In Russia, work is also being done to bring the two countries closer together. A lecture cycle about Miklouho-Maclay and his travels to Oceania has started at the Russian National Library, the program also includes more than twenty exhibitions. It is also planned to create a virtual map of Papua New Guinea with the names of the settlements in Russian.

According to Nikolas Miklouho-Maclay Jr., Russia can help Papua New Guinea with tourism, field development and cooperation in various fields.

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