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Restoration of old estates discussed by experts from Russia and Italy

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Restoration of old estates discussed by experts from Russia and Italy


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The issue of preserving the historical heritage was the subject of discussion at the meeting, which was attended by members of the Russian and Italian associations for the restoration of old estates. It took place at the Rossotrudnichestvo office and took place online, the agency's website reports.

Several very important topics were raised by the participants, including the nuances of the restoration of such objects, methods of increasing the tourist flow to ancient estates.

According to the head of the Italian organization, Giacomo di Thiene, cultural heritage is of particular importance. It is very important, he is sure, to preserve it for future generations, not only Italians, but also residents of other countries. The Association deals with one fifth of the objects that have been assigned the status of historical monuments in the country. Some of them belong to private individuals, some have turned into hotels, museums, agritourism is developing somewhere. The estates are located not only in large cities, but also in small farmsteads throughout the country.

President of the Revival of the Russian Estate National Foundation Vissarion Alyavdin and Chairman of the Council of the Association of Owners of Historical Estate Mikhail Lermontov said that there are about 2,000 estates in Russia that need repair and restoration work. The Association became the first association of people dealing with this issue. Funds for the repair of estates are allocated by patrons, but today the question most often arises with the tourist potential of such places. Mikhail Lermontov expressed hope for continued cooperation with his colleagues from Italy.

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