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Russian Orthodox Church considers to open parishes abroad

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Russian Orthodox Church considers to open parishes abroad


New Russian Orthodox Church parishes can be opened abroad in the closest future, IA Interfax reports. In particular, they will act in countries where believers of Moscow Patriarchate have lost possibility to commune due to the conflict between ROC and Constantinople. 

According to Protopriest Nikolay Balashov, Russian Orthodox Church considers this possibility.

He has reminded that anti-Orthodox activity of Patriarchate of Constantinople pushed ROC to cut ties with it.  

Moscow Patriarchy authority receives requests to open Russian Orthodox Church parishes from many countries where believers have attended Constantinople church before. At the first place this relates to the countries that are outside ROC's canonical jurisdiction.

As Russkiy Mir reported earlier, the Synod of Constantinople to have canceled its own 17th century decision on the Kiev metropolis attachment to Moscow. It also began to create a mission in Kiev and rehabilitated the leaders of self-proclaimed Orthodox churches in Ukraine.

The Russian Orthodox Church does not accept the decision of Constantinople and severs relations with the Constantinople Patriarchate.

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