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Russkiy Mir Foundation pennon delivered to Lenin peak

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Russkiy Mir Foundation pennon delivered to Lenin peak


Picture by Khabibula Gazizov

On July 22 2018 the International climbing team has successfully conquered the Lenin peak at the height of 7134 meters above the sea level. The pennons of the Russkiy Mir Foundation, of the Immortal Regiment social movement and Heirs of the Victory International Union were delivered to the peak of the mountain.

As the social activist from Kyrgyzstan Khabibula Gazizov who organized this campaign has mentioned, the ascents are dedicated to the memorable dates of Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Tatarstan. Starting 2003, he decided to deliver pennons and flags with images of portraits of prominent people, heralds and logos of patriotic organizations to the mountain tops.

Picture of H. Gazizov

The ascent took about two weeks. Acclimatization started on July 6 and was followed by the staged climbing to the first camp at the height of 4400 meters, then to the second camp of 5430 meters high and finally to the third camp of 6100 meters. Then was a descent to the base camp and recreation. The ascent itself took 5 days. The climbers reached the top on July 22. The team guided by the experienced guide Oleg Turashev consisted of 5 people from Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Germany.

Picture of H. Gazizov

Khabibula Gazizov heads the Representative Office of the Heirs of the Victory International Union and chairs Kyrgyz-Tatar Society of Friendship and Cooperation. He is organizing patriotic campaigns together with peers keeping the memory about common historical past and the victory in WW2. Despite his honorable age, his lifestyle is very active.

Picture of H. Gazizov

In his opinion, keeping memory about our common history is very important as well as saving unique cultural space at the territory of ex-Soviet Union. The Russkiy Mir Foundation’s activity directed at advancing the Russian language in Kyrgyzstan, in opinion of Khabibula Gazizov, deserves nothing but respect respect and acknowledgement.

Russkiy Mir

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