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Kusturica to shoot movie based on Lermontovs novel

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Kusturica to shoot movie based on Lermontovs novel


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A celebrated Serbian film director Emir Kusturica is going to start work over the movie based on the novel by Mikhail Lermontov A Hero of Our Time, according to
In his words, he loves Lermontov and is very interested in his biography. Kusturica explained that he read the book several times and it dawned on him that the plot is repeated over and over in modern Russia. He is sure that A Hero of Our Time will never get out of date. Kusturica called Lermontov’s book a marvelous novel.

In the film directors opinion, the contemporary Russia is trying to follow American life standards. “This is a very sensitive subject. To find a spot where the ways separate – what Russia is and where it should go,” Emir Kusturitsa said.

Kusturica wants to finish the project after Dostoyevskys book first. Note that soon the film director is going to work over the movie about China. An experiment never done before will be conducted. He plans to turn the main character of Idiot Prince Myshkin into a character from another book by Dostoyevsky Crime and Punishment Rodion Raskolnikov. This is going to be very complicated, Kusturica acknowledged.

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