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The 120th anniversary of Russian Harbin marked by 2-days conference

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The 120th anniversary of Russian Harbin marked by 2-days conference


First international scientific practical conference The Favorite Harbin – Friendship Year of Russia and China took place in Harbin. The event opened celebrations of the 120th anniversary since foundation of one of the most important cities in the north-eastern China. The conference welcomed representatives of Russian and Chinese scientific societies. Many presentations were dedicated to cultural identity of the two nations, according to the website of Moscow’s House of Compatriots.

The conference was held with support of the Russian club of Harbin, Russian cultural center in Beijing and Russian Geographic Society. Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Shenyang Sergei Paltov has commented that the conference has become an important step in development of the Russian-Chinese relations and has informed that a new Russian Consulate is to be opened in Harbin in the closest future.  

A whole section of the conference was devoted to literature. Presenters spoke of the Russian immigration and of Harbin’s image in works of immigrant writers. The historical component of the 120th city history was reflected in presentations by universities of Russia and China. The editor-in-chief of the magazine Australian Lamp from Brisbane presented a magazine and books devoted to the public figures of Australia who came to the continent from Harbin.  Some presentations touched upon gastronomic topics, in particular, Russian cuisine’s traditions.  Audience discussed the main reason of the city’s foundation, which is the construction of the Chinese-Eastern railway road.

Special attention was paid to the support of the Russian language in China. Professor from the Far Eastern Federal University Vladimir Pechyoritsa talked about significance of the Russian language and its development on the territory of China. He was supported by colleagues from the Institute of Philology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 
All the participants received certificates after the conference was over. The meeting of the Russian-Chinese scientific community ended up with the Russian Ball.

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