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Century of Yuri Lyubimov festival opened in Prague

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Century of Yuri Lyubimov festival opened in Prague


Celebrations dedicated to famous Russian theater director by Yuri Lyubimov starttoday in Prague, Czech Republic, RIA Novosti informs.

Century of Yuri Lyubimov festival is timed with 100th birth anniversary of Yuri Lyubimov. The festival is organized by Rossotrudnichestvo branch in Czech Republic.
Several film screenings with Lyubimov acting are in the schedule. In particular, legendary Soviet flick Cossacks of the Kuban by Ivan Pyryev and television productions of Anatoly Efros 'Just a few words in honor of Monsieur de Moliere'.

Moreover, film director Nikita Vysotsky is coming to Prague. He is the son of cult singer-songwriter Vladimir Vysotsky who was one of the most favorite Lyubimov’s actors. Admirers of the poet, actor and singer will have an opportunity to meet his son and watch unique documentary shots of mutual work by Vysotsky and Lyubimov over the role of Hamlet in the Taganka theatre, performance itself and videos of Q&As of actor and film director with an audience.
A creative evening of film director Boris Blank is scheduled. Blank and Lyubimov were staging together on the first performance of Taganka theatre The Good Person of Setzuan. Nikita Vysotsky and Boris Blank will meet teachers and students of Theatre Institute in Prague.

Expositions of documents, photos and biographies dedicated to theatrical director have already started.

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