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Anna Karenina: Vronsky’s Story opens Russian Cinema Week in Havana

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Anna Karenina: Vronsky’s Story opens Russian Cinema Week in Havana


kinopoisk.ruThe week of Russian Cinema started the day before in the capital of Cuba, TASS informs. Anna Karenina: Vronsky’s Story movie which is the latest work by Karen Shakhnazarov opened the week.

According to Vice-President of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry Beninjo Iglesias, the first week of the Soviet Cinema took place in Cuba almost sixty years ago. At the beginning of the nineties this tradition became extinct for two decades to revive only in 2009. Russian cinema in Cuba as well as vice versa evoked great interest of the audience.

Five movies by Russian film directors over the last few years were included into the festival bill. The spectators will watch Correction Class by Tverdovsky, Icebreaker by Khomeriki, Legend № 17 by Lebedev. Another action drama by Karen Shakhnazarov titled The White Tiger will be screened at the event.

All movies are demonstrated with Spanish subtitles

The Cubans know the Soviet cinema well, especially such movies as Moscow Does not Believe in Tears and Seventeen Moments of Spring. There were long queues for the tickets in USSR times and spectators discussed the movie right at the streets.

Organizers of the Russian Cinema Week plan to conduct a retrospective of works by Karen Shakhnazarov.

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