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Russian ompatriots meet in Moscow

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Russian ompatriots meet in Moscow

30.10.2017 Council of Russian Compatriots meeting opened today in Moscow,KSORSreports. The forum organized in conjunction withHundred Years of Russian Revolution: Unity for the Future conference. Leaders of Russian Compatriots' and non-profit organizations, Foreign Ministry, Central Electoral Commission and other institutions participate in the event.

Oleg Malginov, Director of the Department of Cooperation with Compatriots Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, has thanked everybody who work intensively using innovative approaches with our compatriots abroad.

The director of the coordination committee of Russian compatriots in China and the head of the Russian Club of ShanghaiMikhail Drozdovhas reminded to the audience that this conference is very important and everything has to be done to reach the best effect.

Apart of this, the participants have discussed preparations for the presidential elections in Russia, and other issues. The discussion on the 4th Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots meeting that is planned for the fall 2018 is also on the schedule.

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