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Conference of Russian Compatriots SORUMEX held in Mexico City

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Conference of Russian Compatriots SORUMEX held in Mexico City


vksrs.com12th Topical Country Conference of the Coordinating Council and Association of Russian compatriots in Mexico - SORUMEX was held in Mexico City, according to the website of the Coordinating Council of the Russian Compatriots living abroad.

Preparation went as planned, however the plenary session in the Russian Embassy was conducted in an urgent order due to the strongest earthquake. However, its participants decided to arrange the forum at scheduled dates and sent a note to Russian Ambassador to Mexico and Rossotrudnichestvo representative office in Mexico City.

Delegates from fifteen cities of Mexico gathered at the conference. Considering the tragedy of the Mexican population, organizers of the conference paid special attention to rendering manageable aid to the victims by our compatriots. SORUMEX has made a unanimous decision to provide aid to citizens of the most damaged districts. It was also decided to establish Independent Volunteering Foundation of Compatriots living in Mexico.

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