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Russian community held 10th country conference in Sweden

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Russian community held 10th country conference in Sweden


pixabay.comTenth All-Sweden Conference of Russian Compatriots has ended in Stockholm, the website of Russian communities in Sweden reports. Russian Embassy employees, representatives of Russian community organizations and unions in this country took part in the event.

The first secretary of the Russian Embassy in Sweden Timur Klardzheishvili has addressed the audience with a greeting speech and congratulated the participants wishing them fruitful activities.

KSORKS Chairperson Lyudmila Sigel gave a presentation on topic of Experience Exchange. Psychologist Irina Brosalin gave a speech too. Her presentation concerned psychological roots of Russophobia, which obtained some threatening sizes over the last few years. Sweden-Russian school rector in Goteborg Ekaterina Tikhonova presented New Generation programme.

There were also presentations about contribution of Russian compatriots into Sweden economics and culture. At the completion of the conference, the participants has drawn a final resolution and had a chance of talking in the informal environment.

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