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Bavaria held various events devoted to Cosmonautics Day

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Bavaria held various events devoted to Cosmonautics Day

13.04.2017 The Bavarian capital hosted children drawings’ contest named Future through Eyes of the Youth: From one star to another. It was dedicated to the Day of the first manned space flight, as Russkoe Pole website reports.

Schoolchildren were proposed to imagine future of cosmonautics and draw a cheerful image with reference to the past glorious achievements and victories of our countrymen.

The Munich department of Russian movement Essence of Time was an organizer and inspirer of this contest. Overall, 57 drawings were sent to the contest. The results were divided into two age groups.

Leoni Vellnets (10 years) and Sofia Rull (8 years) won in the group of children under 12. Students from Munich Children’s Academy of Fine Arts A. Smirnova, L. Skorodumova and L. Smirov became winners among teenagers (13 – 18 years old).

Schoolchildren of Munich Children’s Academy of Fine Arts got a unique present – a lecture titled Cosmonautics. From Dreams to Open Space Flights.

Children saw interesting photos and videos about main periods of cosmonautics and names of great people studying and conquering the space. These materials impressed the children immensely.

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