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Bella Award named the winners

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Bella Award named the winners


The winners of the Bella Award were congratulated at the Award Ceremonies in Russia and Italy.

Russian-Italian award was established five years ago in memory of the famous Russian poet Bella Akhmadulina. The main goal of this competition is to support and promote young poets.

Following tradition, the winners were chosen in two categories, among the poets who write in Italian and in Russian languages. Also the separate award was given to the author of the contemporary poetry essay.

This year, two more participants, from Italia and from Russia have won prizes in brand-new nomination. It is called ‘Optimism is aroma of life’, and dedicated to Italian poet, writer and screenwriter Tonino Guerra.

The head of the jury and literature critic Natalia Ivanova stressed that impressive work was done. The winners were chosen after heated debates.

Ekaterina Perchenkova was recognized as the author of the best poem in Russian, Alessandra Kava is the best poem in Italian. In Guerra’s nomination Vasily Borodin and Federica Giordano have won. Ilya Kuklin was called the author of the best essay.

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