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Trump called media statements about his connections to Russia nonsensical

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Trump called media statements about his connections to Russia nonsensical


All statements that the new US President crew has any connections to Moscow are nothing but an attempt to distract attention from Hillary Clinton missteps, Donald Trump believes, RIA Novosti informs. 

“These senseless messages about links to Russia is just an effort to hide the omissions made during the lost pre-election campaign by Hillary Clinton,” Trump commented in his Twitter. The White House Leader blamed mass media of their exaggerated devotion to conspiracy theories and “blind hatred”. 
Earlier US mass media published information that Trump’s election campaign team had so-called close contact with Russian Intelligence Services with the reference to some unknown official representatives. As they claimed, it happened last year before the US Presidential elections. 

It should be reminded that earlier Michael Flynn resigned as US National Security Adviser. According to mass media, it has to deal with his Russian Ambassador to Washington contacts. In particular, it was claimed that he discussed sanctions against RF with Russian ambassador. 

In the view of Russian Foreign Service officials, these media publications prove one more time that America plays large internal political games and bargaining. The Kremlin, in its turn, emphasizes that these statements did not have any tangible grounds. 
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