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Italian artist created mural in Mariupol in support of Donbass

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Italian artist created mural in Mariupol in support of Donbass


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An Italian street artist decorated the wall of one of the buildings in Mariupol, TASS reports. The Neapolitan Ciro Cerullo, who is known under the pseudonym Yorit, painted a portrait of a girl, her face shows red wounds in the form of tears.

According to the artist, he wanted the people of Donbass to feel his support. He is sure that it was necessary to support the resistance of Donbass to the Kyiv regime.

Yorit posted a photo of his mural on social networks, supplementing it with the question: ''What to do with these 8 million Russians who remained on Ukrainian territory?'' He cites two statements by Ukrainian politicians. One belongs to Yulia Timoshenko: "We need to drop an atomic bomb on them." The second - to the ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. A few years ago, he promised that "our children will go to kindergartens and schools, theirs will live in basements."

The artist called the stories in the West about Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans, Libya, Syria a lie. He stated that he had evidence of lies about the Donbass. The artist also urged not to believe those who teach morality, because they have "blood on their hands." Yorit added that the situation in Mariupol is fundamentally different from the information that is being disseminated by the Western media.

He also opposed the supply of weapons to the Kyiv regime.

In the spring of 2022, the artist painted a portrait of Fyodor Dostoevsky. The image of the writer appeared in Naples on the facade of the building of the Technical Institute of Riga. This way, the artist decided to respond to an attempt by the management of one of the universities to ban lectures on the work of the great writer.

According to Yorit, the censorship that reigned, albeit for a short time, instantly turned the author of "Demons", "The Brothers Karamazov", "Crime and Punishment" into a symbol of freedom of speech.

With his work, the artist wants to show that culture is free from ideological strife. He has no doubt that it is the universal value of humanity.

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