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Documentary on Russian emigration premiered in Belgrade

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Documentary on Russian emigration premiered in Belgrade


On November 4, 2021, the Belgrade Russian Center hosted a screening of a new film by Bosko Milosavljevic, "In the Footsteps of a Witness".

Milosavlevich has been studying the Russian emigration in Serbia for many years. He makes documentaries about Russian emigrants and their life in Belgrade. This time Bosko shot a documentary about the inhabitants of  Sremski-Karlovtsi, who fleed to Serbia after the October Revolution in Russia. 

In addition to Metropolitan Khrapavitsky, General Miller and commanding general  of the White Army Pyotr Wrangel, there was a man in the town who witnessed the abdication of Nicholas the Second - Vasily Shulgin.

Before the screening, the director showed the visitors photographs and spoke about the role of Pyotr Wrangel as one of the key figures in the Russian emigration. He also answered questions from students and visitors.

Boyana Sabo, Belgrade

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