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New edition dictionary for Russian-speaking kids published in Germany

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New edition dictionary for Russian-speaking kids published in Germany


In April 2021, a new stage of the ''RussoMobil Institute of Russian Culture and Russian Language on Wheels in 2021'' project was launched. The long-term integrated project RussoMobil has been successfully implemented since 2010 by the Federal Union of German West-East Societies with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation.

The main goal of RussoMobil is to support, develop and spread the Russian language and Russian culture in Europe, to increase the interest of public school students in learning the Russian language.

To encourage and motivate students during the RussoMobil lessons, it is very important to have information and handouts that facilitate the study of the Russian language, as well as materials for gifts and prizes that lecturers present to students at contests and quizzes.

On May 18, 2021, a new edition of The World's Easiest Russian-German-English-French Dictionary with a circulation of 10,000 copies was published. This educational aid has been in great demand since the start of RussoMobil. The main target audience of the project is students without basic knowledge of Russian, who are faced with the choice of a second, third or fourth foreign language. The multilingual dictionary of internationalisms helps children quickly understand the spelling of words in Cyrillic.

This teaching aid was created in 2010 by the methodologists of the RussoMobil project in collaboration with the Po Svetu, which helps keep students interested in the Russian language and provides learning tips. The magazine is published by the Berlin publishing house Vostok.

The dictionaries will be distributed free of charge to pupils and their parents, teachers of German schools during school visits, as well as during information events. Russian language teachers who are familiar with the RussoMobil project order the World's Easiest Russian-German-English-French Dictionary for further work with students.

The manual can be downloaded in PDF format from the project information portal

Oksana Kogan-Peh

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