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More than 560,000 people got Russian citizenship in 2020

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More than 560,000 people got Russian citizenship in 2020


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The number of foreigners who received a Russian passport last year is almost a third higher than the same number in 2019, TASS reports. The Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that more than 560,000 people received Russian citizenship within eleven months.

According to the department, the increase in these indicators was influenced by changes in the legislative framework aimed at liberalizing the procedure for obtaining citizenship for certain categories of foreign citizens. They came into effect in 2020. 

In general, the number of foreigners staying in Russia dropped significantly last year. The reason was the restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. There were about six million foreign citizens in Russia, of which about a million with a temporary residence permit or a residence permit. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the number of foreign citizens  in Russia amounted to 9-11 million people every year. 

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