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Russia sends coronavirus tests to Venezuela

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Russia sends coronavirus tests to Venezuela


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Russia continues to help the Venezuelan authorities fight the coronavirus infection, TASS reports.

Rosoboronexport sent another batch of COVID-19 tests to Caracas. It includes almost 500 test suites. They will allow to check for infection more than 43,000 people. All tests were produced in Russia, the Russian Embassy explained.

The transportation of the test systems was provided by the non-profit organization Russian Humanitarian Mission. Earlier, Venezuela already received batches of test systems from Russia to detect coronavirus.

To date, the number of people infected with coronavirus in the country exceeds 34,000 people. The number of victims of the disease is approaching 300.

In total, Russia sent more than 500,000 tests to almost 30 countries. In less than six months, test systems from Russia arrived in African and European countries, the states of the SCO and the CIS. Latin American and Asian countries also received tests. During the pandemic, 29 African states and the African Union asked for help to fight against COVID-19. Almost 30,000 units of laboratory materials and more than 8,000 personal protective equipment were sent to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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