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People's University of Culture resumes its work in Cyprus

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People's University of Culture resumes its work in Cyprus


The People's University of Culture of the Russian Center in Limassol resumed its work after the quarantine. The Russian Center operates on the basis of the Russian House in Cyprus.

“This year, given the ongoing restrictions due to the coronavirus, we will use a new form of work. A cycle of visiting lectures on the art of socialism is planned,” said the rector of the university Alexei Golovanov.

“The first offline lesson took place in the Dream Gallery with the famous Cyprus artist Timur Khairullin. At the same time, we believe it is urgent this year to intensify work using the capabilities of the online resources of the Russkiy Mir,” he noted.

Roman Vavilov, Limassol

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Translation of the Holy Scriptures into Chinese is carried out by the parish of the Russian Orthodox Church in Taiwan. Over the eight-year period, a translation of the Gospel of Mark has been completed, and the Gospel of Matthew is in the process. The translators have made a basic glossary of biblical and theological terminology, and it is fair to say that they are working on the development of the Chinese Orthodox liturgical language. The project supervisor, rector of the Holy Cross Church in Taipei Kirill Shkarbul told the Russkiy Mir about his hopes that this translation would be able to convey the Word of God unaltered and would not be a mere retelling as other Chinese translations of the Bible.