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Russia celebrates Baptism Day

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Russia celebrates Baptism Day


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Day of the Baptism of Rus is celebrated on Tuesday, July 28, in Russia, TASS reports. It is timed to commemorate the Great Duke Vladimir, who is called the Baptist of Russia. In the 13th century, the Russian Orthodox Church canonized him. In honor of this day, solemn services are held according to the charter of the great holiday and special prayers.

Patriarch Kirill will lead the service at the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior today. The Primate will also preach to the parishioners.

Usually, on this day, believers took part in religious processions. This year, the processions will take place in those regions where the restrictions aimed at countering coronavirus infection have already been lifted.

Bells will ring at noon in all churches of the Russian Orthodox Church in honor of the holiday.

The Day of the Baptism of Rus, which has been celebrated in Russia since 2010, has changed the perception of Prince Vladimir among the inhabitants of the country. Thanks to educational and church events, many Russians have ceased to consider him an epic character and are perceived as the founding father of many states of historical Russia.

The Russian Church is convinced that the significance of the deeds and image of Prince Vladimir in the history of Russia cannot be overestimated. It was Prince Vladimir, and not Peter I, as is commonly believed, who made the civilizational choice in the direction of the European Christian path of development of Russia.

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