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USSR victims in war against fascism called immeasurable in Germany

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USSR victims in war against fascism called immeasurable in Germany


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The deputy of the German parliament and commissioner for inter-community cooperation with Russia, the countries of Central Asia and the Eastern Partnership Dirk Wiese has called the victims of the Soviet people in the fight against fascism immeasurable.

His statement is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the signing of the nonaggression pact between the USSR and fascist Germany, namely the secret protocol of this pact, TASS reports. As a result of its signing, a violent division of Polish territory took place and Germany unleashed the Second World War.

The deputy stressed that the Allies defeated German fascism with the cost of immeasurable casualties of the Soviet Union. According to him, the protocol of the nonaggression pact is the “lowest point” of German-Soviet diplomacy. Wiese assured that the Germans are well aware of their historical responsibility. We should not, cannot and are not going to turn our back on it, the Bundestag deputy said.

Berlin, as he promises, will take measures aimed at maintaining peace and stability in Europe. Germany opposes dividing lines on the continent.

Note that the chairman of the Russian Historical Society Sergey Naryshkin was convinced that Moscow, trying to build an anti-fascist coalition, simply exhausted all the political and diplomatic opportunities it had to ensure its security at that time. “The actual absence of allies in Europe did not leave the Soviet leadership any other choice,” Naryshkin emphasized.

And 80 years after the start of the war, it is time to recognize that it is necessary to suppress the desire of some countries to take control of the fate of the whole world. The desire to impose their own rules must meet organized resistance of all constructive forces. This is “the main lesson of the most difficult international politics of the pre-war years,” concluded Sergey Naryshkin.

Archival documents serve as irrefutable evidence that the initiative to conclude a non-aggression pact came from Hitler Germany. The USSR was forced to sign an agreement to ensure its own security.

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